Cruising The Ruby Princess – Day 2

One of the things I enjoy most about cruising is that it’s so easy to just head out to eat whenever you are ready and I don’t have to wait for my travel companions or try to decide where to go.  This morning I decided to just order room service and got a breakfast sandwich, banana, juice and milk.  No charge except for a tip to the delivery person.  I love that!

I met up with my group to get off the ship and take the tender ashore.  Pam had gotten a clamshell (little cover with 2 chairs) and we were renting aqua chairs and snorkel equipment.  When you get onto Princess Cayes (their private beach area on theislandofEleutherain theBahamas) you head left for the free, unreserved chairs or right for the clamshells and beach bungalows.  We headed to the right and dropped our stuff at the clamshell and Dennis and I snorkeled up and headed into the water.  The others got a cocktail and headed out in their aqua chairs.  I was somewhat surprised at how many fish we saw in the roped off swimming area.  There were not a lot of swimmers on this side so the water was pretty clear.  We saw some fairly big blue fish with yellow stripes on the side, some flat blue fish that looked like the kind you see in aquariums (one turned on it’s side and waved at me), some yellow & black fish, plus more.  I also enjoyed looking at the plant life on the bottom of the sea. 

This is really a great place for a beach day.  They have some shops so you can do some souviner shopping; a couple of bars so you can get drinks – as well as waiters on the beach which I loved; you can go just outside of the Princess property for some more shopping (we didn’t do this because everything we needed was inside); they serve lunch (no charge – just like on the ship) on both sides – hotdogs & hamburgers, with salads and desserts on our side and a BBQ on the other side; watersports rentals; even a few excursions.  You can go back and forth to the ship if you need to.  I think the last tender back was around 3:15.  Here is the one picture I took this day – our ship from shore.

This day was Pam’s actual birthday so we went out and partied.  We stayed very late in the disco.  There was a lot of ship movement on this cruise so the dance floor was pretty interesting.  As time went on people seemed to adjust and when the ship rocked, we all went with it.  As a group we’d dance from one side of the floor to the other – almost like a line dance.   A good time was had by all.

Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts

Welcome to Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts, where Paradise is affordable is included from meals, drinks, watersports and entertainment! 

Grand Pineapple Antigua sits on Long Bay Beach, one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches with fine white sand, calm turquoise water and Almond trees along the shore.  Some of the islands best snorkeling is just a short walk from the resort.  With just 180 rooms, this is a delightfully casual resort. 

Enjoy your day by hanging out at the beachfront pool sipping a fruity cocktail, or unwind in a hammock with your favorite book.  For lunch visit The Outhouse, perched high atop a hill overlooking the water, where Miss Mary will cook up some lip-smacking ribs and invite you to carve a message into a wood shingle – a memory to take with you as well as one to leave behind.   There are also 3 restaurants, 4 bars, a game room, and 2 pools including an oceanfront adults only pool.

An extra inclusion at Grand Pineapple Antigua is a complimentary day pass to enjoy Sandals Grande Antigua and experience one of their 8 gourmet restaurants, 8 bars, 6 swimming pools as well as land and water activities.

Grand Pineapple Negril sits on a perfect stretch of Seven Mile Beach within walking distance of Negril’s upbeat reggae clubs and offbeat cafes.  With acres of luscious gardens you will have no problem finding some private spots as well.  The 65 charming rooms are colorful and inviting.  The Orchid Restaurant sits right on the beach – a perfect place to enjoy one of Negril’s stunning sunsets.  A freshwater pool is tucked into the gardens, or you can enjoy a swim or some snorkeling in the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts are the perfect, laid-back resorts for families, singles or others who want to enjoy the all-inclusive vacation experience while on a budget.