A Day in Gig Harbor?

Have you been to Gig Harbor lately?

It’s a fun place to spend a sunny day or two.  There really is a lot to see and do in this charming little town.  You can stroll along the waterfront exploring the interesting shops and art galleries.  They have their Art Walk on the first Saturday of every month with spotlighted artists in the galleries.  You can spend most of the day just poking around, from the antique mall, to Java & Clay. to looking at the boats in the marina. to checking out the Harbor History Museum and much more.

If you want to get out on the water you might want to take a tour with Destiny Harbor Tours.  Captain Tom Drohan is an expert on the history of the area, and makes it fun and entertaining.  You will go out of Gig Harbor, under the Narrows Bridge.  Narrows Bridge - Close UpYou’ll also cruise by the interesting community of Salmon Beach and past Point Defiance Park before turning around and heading back to Gig Harbor.  If you’re lucky you might see some eagles Bald Eagleor harbor seals.

Back on land, you’re probably getting hungry.  If you’ve brought the kids, Kelly’s Espresso and Café is a great place to eat.  It’s bright and friendly with a varied menu so there’s something for everyone.  If you like Mexican food, El Pueblito is right across from the water on Harborside Avenue.  If it’s just the grownups, you will definitely want to go to The Tides and sit out on the deck of this historic eatery.  You might also want to venture up the hill away from downtown and check out The Wine Studio – a charming, warm and inviting wine bar and shop.  They have tastings on Friday night and Saturday afternoons.  You might also check out Gig Harbor’s own 7 Seas Brewery.  Both of these are located next to The Inn at Gig Harbor, a good choice if you decide to stay the night (which after tasting wine and beer might be a good idea).  You can book this hotel as well as the Best Western Plus Wesley Inn and Suites on my website.

There is a lot more to do here.  There are parks and beaches, which are always fun for the family.  You can drive out to Key Peninsula to visit Blue Willow Lavendar Farm. There is the Maritime Gig Festival in June, the Gig Harbor Food and Wine Festival in July and more.  Outdoor music in the park on Tuesdays and Movies in the Park on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer.  A good place to find all the happenings is at www.gigharborguide.com.

So get out and play tourist in your own Pacific Northwest.  I love to explore out area.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place with so many exciting places to see and things to do.

Cruise To Learn – Day 5

Thursday, November 8th


Today is Puerto Vallarta – our longest day in port – 8AM – 8PM.  I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta before, so I just wanted to take a walk along the Malecon, go to the Church of Guadalupe (see, I do know the name of something), pick up a gift for my niece and her son (they were puppy-sitting for me), have a nice meal, and get back to the ship early. 


Amy and Joan accompanied me today.  We got a taxi to drop us off downtown. It had been about 5 years since I’d been to PV, it was interesting to see the Domino’s pizza with their fleet of delivery scooters, the new KFC, Office Depot, Office Max. It also seemed that downtown had a lot more of the jewelry stores and chain party bars – maybe I didn’t notice them as much when I was there for a week, but I find it to be a bit disappointing.  It seems that every port you go to now is the same – no individuality and too much American influence.


We walked the Malecon and took some pictures, we went to the church, we did a little shopping.  I found a fabulous 3 candle set for my niece with a sun/moon design on one side and a Mexican plant design on the other.  I wanted one for myself but I didn’t want to have to carry 2 of them back to the ship.  I got my nephew maracas – he has a guitar, ukulele, and I believe a steel drum from the Caribbean.  Avri can now be a one man band – every Aunt’s dream.


cruise-to-learn-mexico039.jpg       cruise-to-learn-mexico043.jpg      Puerto Vallarta Street      cruise-to-learn-mexico038.jpg




One highlight of our walk was coming across these sand sculpture artists.  I was really blown away by the detail.  I always enjoy the artwork along this walk and the people watching is always great.

Puerto Vallarta Sand Sculptures          Puerto Vallarta Sand Sculpture      


We went to the River Café (ok, so maybe I finally woke up and remember a few things) which was under the bridge between downtown and old Puerto Vallarta.  I did not take any pictures, but it was a lovely setting.  I was not overwhelmed by the food, but it was relaxing and had 2 for 1 margaritas.


We had our wonderful taxi driver stop at a liquor store on the way back to the ship so I could buy some liqueur that I like.  I’ve been calling it Tequila because my friend Lisa and I first discovered it on a Tequila factory tour, but the guy at the liquor store corrected me.  It is a very good sipping drink and the bottle is in the shape of a woman’s body.  It is called Guaycura licor de Damiana and is supposed to be an aphrodisiac.  I don’t know about that, but it is good and I love the bottle.


We got back to the ship early.  I think I took a nap, but don’t really remember, that’s my usual pattern.  I was on deck when we sailed away and ran into a lot of our group as I walked around the deck.  This might have been the evening that I stopped in the Champagne Bar for a drink with Joan, Marcia and Debbie.  I probably stopped in the Schooner Bar for a drink with my new friends including Moses, the bartender. 


One of our shipmates, Jolene, had to leave us today to fly to Anchorage, Alaska on business.  Bye, Jolene – we’ll miss you!!


Dinner of course was fabulous.  My room steward, Vince, left me another towel animal.  I can’t remember the order of these, but here are a couple of pics.  My room was forward on the ship.  I had never sailed up there before and wanted to experience it.  I had heard that you feel more motion, and I suppose you do, but I love the rocking of the ship.  It puts me right to sleep.


cruise-to-learn-mexico050.jpg           cruise-to-learn-mexico078.jpg


It was a great location, too, because there was a little turn in the hallway right in front of my cabin, so it was easy to know when I got home.  And this was on the wall right in front to greet me every time I came home.