Scandinavia and Africa – this vendor has a split personality!

Wow, this is a truly unique vendor.  Not only do they offer vacation packages to 2 very different destinations, but they truly measure up to their tag line of “Where Dreams and Reality Meet”. 

If you look at their website you will see vacation/tour packages similar to those you can find on hundreds of other websites.  The big difference here is that these are starting points.  Let’s say you want to go to Denmark and see the small town that your ancestors came from.  This town is too small to be included on a packaged tour, but you know that with the too short time that you have for vacation that you will need some guidance to get to the places you want to see.  This vendor will help me customize a package just for you and coordinate all of the components to get you to all of those places you want to see in the time you have (if physically possible, of course).  And they can add even more extras – such as arranging for you to dine with a local family in your ancestral home – maybe even a long lost relative.

All of their Scandanavian Specialists have a unique connection to the region – using their heritage, education, travel experience and personal interests to help me to help you to have the personalized experience that you desire. 

Whether you want to go to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway; a self drive tour, a guided tour, an active and cultural tour (biking, kayaking, hiking); a cruise – a half day ferry trip, an overnight cruise, or a full week (or more) on the water – whatever you can imagine, we can design your Perfect Vacation in your Scandinavian Paradise.

In fact, if you want to stop over in Iceland on your way to Europe for a couple of days (with no extra airfare charges) that can be arranged as well.  You could see the Northern Lights, go Puffin watching (bet most of your friends haven’t done that), and you won’t want to miss the Blue Lagoon. 

Like their Scandanivian division, their Africa Specialists all have specialized knowledge in the parts of Africa that they represent.  When many people think of visiting Africa they think of going on Safari and seeing all the wild animals – elephants, lions, zebra, wildebeest, etc. and that is certainly part of the adventure.  What I can do for you when working with Borton Overseas is design personalized components so that you can also learn the deep traditions and cultures of the African people.  Visit a village and meet the local people, go to a local market or visit a school.  Arrange for you to ride an Ostrich, soar in a hot air balloon over the Serangheti, go white water rafting, even climb Mt. Kilimanjaro – whatever you desire to see or experience, we can make come true. 

We can help you decide on the best time to go depending on what you want to see and do.  Maybe you want to see the migration of the zebra and wildebeest; visit South Africa at grape harvesting time; experience the Sardine Run in Kwa Zulu Natal; do some whale watching; view the flowers of Overland northwest of Cape Town; and maybe end your trip basking on the beaches in Mauritius, Mozambique, Zanzibar or the Seychelles. 

The safari’s and guided tours are all small groups or you can have an itinerary customized just for you.  There are many types of accommodations available as well.  Rustic camps, tented camps with real beds and en-suite bathrooms, as well as more permanent style lodges – some are quite luxurious. 

An African safari is definitely the type of adventure that you will want expert help to plan.  With my contacts with various suppliers with experts on the ground in Africa, I can help you plan the exact adventure that you’ve been dreaming of.