Whew – I passed – what a relief!

Sorry I’ve been absent for awhile.  I’ve been studying for my Caribbean Destination Specialist.  I took the test Thursday evening and passed with 98%!!

I was so worried.  There are over 400 pages of text to study and I’ve only been to about 11 of the destinations out of the 36 they cover.  I was part of a study group of travel agents in my local chapter of the Caribbean Tourism Organization.  We started studying about 8 months ago – meeting every 4 – 6 weeks to review the material.  I had missed a couple of group sessions when I was out of town and was concerned that I would not retain that information as well.

I re-read all of the study guides, took and re-took the quiz for each chapter.  This is a closed book test with a proctor to keep you from cheating.  When I took the test it seemed much easier than I had expected.  I am just so relieved.

During my studies I found even MORE places that I want to see before I die!  There are several islands that I really had no interest in before studying this, but learning more about their history and topography made me feel I needed to visit. 

One destination that I would love to visit soon, althouth technically in the Atlantic (it was covered in our text) is Bermuda.  At the top of my list of islands I haven’t been to is St. Lucia and Grenada  – who wouldn’t want to go to the Spice Island?  (ok, I’ll admit, I met several wonderful people from Grenada on my last cruise and they all encouraged me to visit).  Places I’ve been to and want to go back to are Dominica and Antigua.  I could go on, but I can only get to so many places in the next year or so. 

I’m also thinking that I need to get some groups together for yacht vacations around the Virgin Islands, and also the Grenadines.  That seems like the best way to be able to see as much of these beautiful places as possible.

I will get back to posting later.  I just wanted to check in and let you know where I’ve been.

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”    Gilbert K. Chesterton