Puerto Vallarta’s International Gourmet Festival

Need an extra reason to head south when the cold weather gets cold here in the Pacific Northwest?  How about the International Gourmet Festival  in Puerto Vallarta in November?  Established in 1995, this year will be the 15th anniversary.  This 10 day, city wide event has more than 24 participating restaurants, educational gourmet programs and 20 renowned chefs from around the world. 


Every evening each of the participating restaurants offers a Gourmet a la Carte menu.  You can also enjoy Winemaker’s evenings; Cooking Demonstrations; Wine & Cheeses of the Worlds tasting; and don’t miss the Chef’s Hell Raising night!


You could even extend your stay and enjoy an escorted, food-focused package to other areas of Mexico including hands-on cooking classes and excursions to local markets and eateries. 


Just one more good reason to head to Puerto Vallarta this fall!

4 responses to “Puerto Vallarta’s International Gourmet Festival

  1. Add on a great time to visit PV is May! All foodies, read on: May Restaurant Festival which I go to each year, 5 now in a row, is lower in price than the Gourmet one plus no outside chefs are brought in. The kitchen staff prepares the menu as you would receive any other night. 3 course for 169 pesos or 269 pesos. There are 3 choices per course. So, as a restaurant guide writer and publisher, I assemble a group of at least 3 so we can order all 9 offered dishes, taste and pass! Anyone in town who wishes to join is welcome. Everyone pays their own share. Great way to enjoy gourmet food at a low price and meet new amigos!

  2. It will be May 15-31, 2009. The final list and their menus is not ready yet. Paco Ojeda hopes to have it online on April 20. Go to virtualvallarta.com and search under restaurants for Restaurant festival. They are the main[?] sponsor. I usually go out each night with a small group. If you are in PV, contact me.

  3. The festival was a major success with other restaurants slow while participants more active, serving very tasty food. We shot 5 short videos while dining. They will be online until our next batch in May 2010. Go to banderasnews dot com and click on restaurants and then my name with my full archive. Plan ahead now and set up a trip next May. Join in the fun and who knows, you may become an Internet Star!

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